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wo Sisters Sweet Creations is a bakery located in Desoto, TX, that is owned and operated by biological sisters, Yolanda Bledsoe and Deidra Keener. Their passion for service and baking led to the establishment of this business in 2015, after many years of providing a variety of sweet treats for family, friends, and associates. Every treat is home-made, from scratch, and filled with love, just like their grandmother, Juanita “Bakey” Howard, used to do it.


West Wall Street at Friendship-West Baptist Church

West Wall Street

Since 2015, they have been serving their delectable desserts to a wide variety of customers throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Whether you have a craving for a moist, delicious pound cake, a dozen of decadent vegan chocolate cupcakes, or need to provide individually wrapped treats for a large event, Two Sisters will take care of your baking needs while satisfying your sweet tooth. They have participated in a number of special events, including but not limited to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations, church anniversaries, teacher appreciation weeks, family reunions, funerals, graduations, and birthday parties. Their most notable and recurring event that is always a huge success is West Wall Street (WWS) at Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas, TX. WWS pays homage to Black Wall Street in the Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa, OK, one of the wealthiest black communities during the 20th century. It allows them to proudly help to continue the legacy of black entrepreneurship, cooperative economics, networking, and providing quality products to underserved communities.

Creators in the Making Serving the Community

Two Sisters loves being able to give back to the community which is why they make it a priority to donate monetary gifts, goods and services, time, talent, and expertise on a voluntary basis or as requested when available. Being involved in the community in this capacity serves to strengthen existing relationships while cultivating new ones.

When Two Sisters are not in the kitchen whipping up one of their sweet creations, you can find them serving others in their chosen career paths, public-school education and nursing. They have a combined total of over 40 years experience, which is indicative of commitment and longevity. Recently, they have decided to invest more time in building their brand so that it has sustainability. Two Sisters will continue to offer impeccable customer service; create excellent, quality desserts; remain cognizant of their customers’ wants and needs; and strive to be a catalyst for reinforcing reciprocity in relationships by being community focused agents for change.

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